Too many games…

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Damn - the Christmas glut hasn’t even started yet, and there are already too many games for me to play. I’m at the stage where I don’t actually have to wait excitedly for any games, on account of the fact that I’ll be so distracted by the current set of games I don’t have time to play properly that the new ones will still turn up early enough for me to have trouble accommodating them.

Fable 2 just came out, which I’ve played for all of an hour or so on account of being away all week, and now catching up with what I missed while away. I still have Rock Band content to catch up on since I’ve been avoiding playing lots for the last 2-3 weeks while my back healed, and I didn’t trust myself with the drums. I’m 10 hours into both Okami and Professor Lanyon and only managing about an hour a week tops on either of them. Geometry Wars 2 still tends to devour my teeny-weeny time slots (having finished the clever Braid). And in addition there’s a few things out now that look good; Dead Space looks great (if a bit of a rip-off of System Shock 2, but then if it does it well who cares), Fallout 3 looks like it turned out surprisingly well, although I’m still a bit dubious about it given how much the also-highly-rated Oblivion put me to sleep, and I still haven’t played GTAIV, or Dead Rising which I keep meaning to find on eBay sometime. In the next few weeks I’m going to be bombarded with Rock Band 2, Gears of War 2, Left 4 Dead, Mirror’s Edge, and goodness knows what else. I’m almost relieved that Little Big Planet is exclusive to PS3 so I don’t have to factor that in. Almost.

Help! I can’t handle this much gaming! How does anyone find the time for MMOGs?