Dear US citizens…

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Please don’t inflict another 4 years of clueless right-wing government on yourselves and the rest of the world.

McCain might seem like a change from Bush, but have you noticed how much his previously independent rhethoric has changed since becoming the republican nominee? He’s towing the establishment line more and more, and becoming more of a negative compaigner by the day. And anyone who picks Sarah Palin as a running mate needs their head examined.

If the best line he has is to pull out the old “my opponent is a socialist” rhetoric then it shows the desperation in the republican camp. I know America is staunchly capitalist and more right-wing than Europe, even Britain, but if you hold the ‘American Dream’ as your benchmark, you need to recognise that a land of opportunity does not truly exist if the odds are already stacked in the favour of those belonging to favourable socio-ecomonic groups. If the lion’s share of opportunities are only accessible to those who start high enough up the ladder to afford a good education and standard of living from day 1, it’s not opportunity, it’s a class system by proxy - one only a fortunate few will break out of. McCain talks about wealth creation, but seems to ignore that the best way to create the most wealth is to give everyone the best chance of raising themselves up to a good standard of living, not just a select few, and that requires social investment - tax cuts for those who have already ‘made it’ do not create anywhere near as much wealth overall. But that’s not what people in the top 2% earnings threshold want to hear of course, which increasingly seems to be the group the republicans are representing.

It’s your choice, I hope for all our sakes you make it wisely.