Bizarre price variations for music game DLC

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (238 Words)

I just happened to see some PSN DLC track prices for both Rock Band and GHWT on a Kotaku article, and they left me rather puzzled. You would have thought that these prices would be fairly homogenised by now, but bizarrely enough I found no fewer than 3 different prices, depending on what system and game you were looking at. Here we go:

“Police Truck” by the Dead Kennedys (Rock Band)

XBOX Live Arcade price: £1.36 (160 points)

Playstation Network price: £0.99

“Hold Up” by the Raconteurs (GHWT)

XBOX Live Arcade Price: £1.36 (160 points)

Playstation Network price: £1.49

In both cases these are full-price tracks - Rock Band regularly has 50% discounted tracks (sometimes time limited) but I’ve ignored those. All the other full-price tracks seem to follow the same pricing structure.

So, some observations:

  1. On PSN, a full-price track costs 50% more for GHWT than for Rock Band.
  2. On XBLA, a full-price track costs the same for GHWT and Rock Band
  3. PSN prices for Rock Band tracks are ~25% cheaper than XBLA
  4. XBLA prices for GHWT tracks are ~10% cheaper than PSN

I could attribute the differences between XBLA and PSN on exchange rates, since the PSN I believe starts from USD in all cases, whilst XBLA uses it’s own ‘funny money’ with a fixed exchange rate, but that doesn’t explain why PSN has a 50% difference in price between GHWT and RB. Overall, very odd.