Left 4 Dead Merch

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I just saw that Valve are doing some fun merchandise for Left 4 Dead now. The ‘movie posters’ are nice if you’re still in that phase where you like to stick posters on the wall (I’m not), but the T-Shirts are of pretty universal appeal.

Francis seems to be pretty well represented here, or particularly his predeliction for saying how much he hates everything all the time (hospitals, airport terminals, woods, vans, you name it), so I’m guessing he’s turning into a fan favourite. He reminds me a little of Jayne from Firefly which is probably why I like him. There’s actually quite a lot of voice acting in L4D; it’s only delivered dynamically based on the events, rather than as a story mode, but still manages to give you a basic sense of each character and does add to the atmosphere. Well, except the ubiquitous ‘Reloading!’ call of course.

The Portal tees are fun too 😀

Talking of Left 4 Dead, I’m ashamed to admit that I died twice on Blood Harvest last night, and just on Normal mode. The first time was when I bravely volunteered to go out front to see if there was enough space to sneak past the Witch (conclusion: there wasn’t, and the horde chose that time to strike so the others couldn’t rescue me from her in time), the second time was right at the end where we got separated while trying to make it to the rescue point, and I made the mistake of running back to try to rescue my wife from a Tank, despite only just having disentangled myself from the horde (I love/hate how the zombies hold on to you so you can’t run). I could see the rescue truck, but I could also see Marie on the ground just a little way in the opposite direction, incapacitated but still rescueable. I thought I could make it there and back - it would be heroic, right? Wrong. In the end we both ended up getting stomped to death within line of sight of salvation. We made it through on the second attempt though (just) - I’m not sure we’re ready for Advanced mode yet (Yeah I know, lightweights), but we’re going to try soon.