Harmonix *really* like Foo Fighters

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (185 Words)

They seriously do. Next week, while predictably there’s a 3-pack of slightly toe-curling but at least somewhat unusual Christmas numbers (and with no Slade, thankfully), they’ve also lined up 3 more Foo Fighters tracks:

  • This is a Call (from debut album ‘Foo Fighters’, 1995)
  • Times Like These (from ‘One by One’, 2002)
  • DOA (from ‘In Your Honor’, 2003)

I’ve been crying out for DOA for ages, so this is great news. The other 2 are also very solid songs too, so this is a definite buy. The crazy thing is, Rock Band now features 17 songs by Foo Fighters, making them the most prolific band on the tracklist - closely followed by Pixies and The Who with 15 and 14 tracks respectively (obviously all these bands have done full albums for Rock Band). This isn’t a bad thing, I’d happily have FF’s entire tracklist on there (and very empty pockets), but I wonder whether it’s Harmonix’s preference, or just that FF (and handlers) are particularly forthcoming / cooperative etc.

Edit: Ok,  I’m wrong - Red Hot Chili Peppers has 20 tracks and AC/DC has 19!