Psycho-pedia up at Double Fine

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Psychonauts was, in my opinion, one of the most creative and best written games of the last 10 years. The sheer diversity of the environments, the fantastically quirky (and rather dark at times) sense of humour, the pure audacity of creating a game so off the wall that people tend to look at you strangely when you try to explain it:

“It’s about a set of slightly maladjusted psychic kids who enter twisted worlds inside the minds of people with mental problems. With comedy.”

It’s a real shame, if perhaps not that surprising that almost no-one bought it. Sure the game had it’s problems - it was after all in essence a 3d adventure/platformer, and was subject to the common cameras issues that often entail in that genre if you’re not Super Mario Galaxy, but it was, IMO, essentially solid and any niggles were vastly outweighed by the writing and the unpredictability.

Frustrated fans like me can take solace in the fact that Double Fine survived anyway, and their next game Brutal Legend has similarly survived a reorganisation at Vivendi and is being published by EA in late 2009, the unlikely new refuge of a lot of original IP these days.

In the meantime, Double Fine have put up the Psycho-pedia, a homage and reference to all things Psychonauts. I’ll just hug it to my chest and reminisce on some great moments like the Milkman Conspiracy until Tim’s next game.