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Yay, I can tick another artist off my wish list for Rock Band DLC, since it’s been leaked that during January Lenny Kravitz will finally be appearing. Despite petering out a bit around the ‘Baptism’ album (which I thought was a bit weak and self-indulgent), and something of a bounce back with last year’s ‘It Is Time For A Love Revolution’, his 90’s classics are still the best, and that’s where the upcoming RB tracks are picked from.

‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’ was one of the classic tracks I was sad to see exclusive to GH:WT originally, so I’m glad it’ll be DLC on Rock Band now. ‘Mr Cab Driver’ is also an excellent track to have. In the other two slots I would have preferred to see the likes of ‘Rock And Roll Is Dead’, ‘Always On The Run’ , ‘Again’, or the fantastically funky retro ‘It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over’, but instead we’ve got ‘Let Love Rule’ (great song, but maybe a little slow - I’ll have to look at the charts when they’re out before deciding) and ‘Freedom Train’ which is one of the few Kravitz tracks I don’t have in my collection, but according to this video features possibly the largest confluence of both big hair and wah-wah guitar in one song, ever.

Good job I got some Microsoft Points for Christmas!