Refactoring the office, part 2

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So, following on from my thoughts last week, I spent a little time today rearranging my main work area to accommodate working standing up. I’m just aiming for a temporary solution for the moment, so I can experiment with it and evaluate whether it’s going to help. Luckily, I have a ton of sturdy boxes left over from various technical purchases, so after trying out various combinations I came up with this:

Thanks go to my MacBook Pro, XBox 360, Pod and Netgear router (among others) for generously donating their boxes to the cause 😀

Actually since that picture was taken I’ve put a couple of books under the keyboard / mouse shelf since my forearms were a little too much below the horizontal. Getting pictures taken of myself at the keyboard was very useful in determining the appropriate setup actually, the first attempt felt right when I was setting it up, but once Marie took a photo, I realised that the monitor was at least 10cm too low (your head is supposed to be pitched slightly downwards, only up to about 30 degrees, when looking at the middle of the screen).

Right now it’s pretty weird, and my feet start hurting far too quickly, but I’m going to stick with it and see how it goes. My back hurts a bit right now, but that may be down to moving stuff about and/or unfamiliarity with sustaining this position. I’ve ordered a Capisco which will allow me to take the weight off my feet while still being out of the demon sitting position, but I’ve been told it’ll take about 4 weeks for delivery, so I’m going to have to manage without it for now, perhaps sitting with the Macbook somewhere if I really need a rest.

I’ll let you know how it goes.