How did I miss Mute Math in 2007?

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Rock Band has come through again for introducing me to music I might not have otherwise have come across; this week’s DLC included ‘Typical’ by Mute Math:

It’s a great track, and I’m definitely buying it - the drum chart in particular is really interesting, very Reni-like. The video was deservedly nominated for a Grammy, but I totally missed it at the time and I don’t remember hearing it on the radio. They were apparently also responsible for the Transformers movie theme, which I guess is pretty high profile, but I didn’t pay much attention, owing to the fact that the Transformers movie was, IMHO, a total shambles once the actual transformers appeared (although perhaps those with ADHD or a chronic amphetamine habit might have enjoyed the following 90 minutes of fast pans and motion blur).

Good stuff anyway.