Rock Band aiming for 5000 tracks…by end of 2009??

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Allegedly, as reported by Yahoo, MTV intend on having 5000 tracks available in Rock Band by the close of 2009. That’s right, 5000. Surely they can’t be serious? (insert Airplane joke here). That’s a completely bonkers number - sure, they blew through the 500 mark ahead of schedule and are up around 600 now, but that would average 400 new tracks every month. I can’t help but conclude that this was a misquote, marketing bravado, or a mistake. But who knows? Here’s what was said:

The “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero” franchises will keep leading the way in music sales. “Rock Band,” which has been the most aggressive to date, offers new music every week, maintains a selection of more than 500 songs on its platform and has sold an average of four songs per user. MTV said it plans to increase the number of available songs this year to as many as 5,000.

Four tracks average per user? Hmm, guess that makes me an atypical user then, I have over 70 😕

Edit: Yep, misquote by the journo. I bet a whole bunch of note charters at Harmonix are breathing a sigh of relief!