Standing isn't the (only) answer

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Despite my initial positive reaction to working standing up, since I made that post my back has gone steadily downhill again, starting with a dodgy weekend that I hoped was a blip, but grumbled on for pretty much all last week, before taking a rapid decline this week. This morning I’ve been in the kind of pain I haven’t had since late last year. So, coupled with the hack, colour me extraordinarily pissed off this week.

One aspect is that I hadn’t been out walking this week until this morning, since it’s been icy and since my back was already bad, I didn’t feel it was worth risking a slip. I’ve been out this morning but it hasn’t helped - it was even too painful to do my stretching exercises afterwards. But I know it’s not just that, because it was dodgy last week too and I was going out every day. Still, the steep decline this week clearly indicates I can’t get back to normal work yet, even when an emergency prompts me to try.

So, I dunno. I’m trying to track it, trying to observe cause and effect, but it still seems elusive. I’m just going to have to keep trying (what other option is there?). If there’s one thing I hate, it’s illogical things, and this is like hooking yourself up to a 20,000 volt cable with a random number generator controlling the on switch. 🙁