Part high-chair, part bronco simulator

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My new chair arrived today, packed into a surprisingly small box thanks to the marvels of German engineering (or something). A deft bit of allen key action later, and it was ready to go. Initial impressions are that it’s going to take some getting used to. The gas lift does indeed go high enough to use with a standing height desk, and it’s very solidly built and very stable, which is good when you’re perched that high.

It’s adjustable in more ways than I can get my head around right now so will take some time to get right, and my jury-rigged elevated desk isn’t so great with this set-up since your legs are cramped by the original desk surface (which is now at thigh height), so I’ll need to look for a more permanent setup. And the saddle seat - well, it certainly does alter your posture so that it’s like a horse riding or skiing pose (bend zee knees!) rather than sitting, but the initial downside of the saddle-like configuration is that it can make your inner thighs a little sore to begin with - but at least that prompts a return to the standing posture. At least it doesn’t bounce around like a real horse does though - I know from experience how sore that can make you after a few hours! I’ll see how it goes.

Oh, and I have a hundred and one things to catch up on this week after last week’s unplanned diversions, so bear with me if I’ve missed things in the forum or am otherwise slow to respond. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to make up for the time lost in a short time, especially when my back still limits the amount of desk time I have available.