A weight off the mind

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Important: the subject matter and parties involved with this legal issue are deliberately not mentioned here; if you are aware of their identities, I ask you not to mention them publicly here in comments, or anywhere else.

As some of you are already aware, over the last few months there has been an ongoing legal issue with a 3rd party having allegedly used OGRE code without respecting the license conditions. I hate getting involved in legal disputes, there are so many more useful things to do with time, money, and emotional energy, but nevertheless as custodian of OGRE it falls to me and my company to take charge of situations like this, however reluctantly.

Happily, the issue was finally resolved today. Details are confidential (so don’t ask), but what I can say is that a satisfactory resolution was achieved, and without me having to remortgage to fund the legal bill. The Free Software Foundation Europe were very instrumental in advising me on the case, and directing me towards good legal representation, so I really can’t thank them enough for their help; but I hope that the donation I’ll be making will go some way to repaying my debt to them.

On the whole though, I’m just glad it’s all out of the way, it’s one less distraction 😀