Google Summer of Code 2009

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As I just announced on the OGRE site, I was really pleased to find out today that we’ll be participating in Google Summer of Code 2009. This will be the 4th year running for us, and it wasn’t at all a given that we’d be accepted again this year - even though I think we’ve been a good mentoring organisation for the past 3 years, there are always new organisations wanting to get onboard and there are a finite number of places, so I wouldn’t have gotten my panties in a bunch if we’d been passed over in favour of letting someone else have a go this year. As it happens though, we’re stepping up to the plate again, and everyone is really looking forward to it.

We have a bunch of great mentors lined up again this year- multi-year veteran Paul ’tuan kuranes’ Cheyrou-Lagreze, core team member, 2008 mentor and 2007 student Brian ‘Praetor’ Johnstone, core team member and 2008 mentor Assaf Raman, new mentor Benjamin Chauviere from commercial OGRE users WestImages, and, well, me. πŸ˜€Yes, I’m back mentoring again this year - I took a break in 2008 due to my workload and was just a backup mentor and organiser, but if 2008 taught me anything (with my back problems), it’s that work has to come second to the things you care about. I love the Summer of Code, I think it’s such a unique programme that I can hardly believe it’s running for a 5th year now (we missed the first year) - who would have thought that a company would pay students to work for open source organisations in their summer holidays, regardless of whether the subject matter was directly relevant to their own business?. So I’m glad to be reprising my role as a mentor again, as well as being the overall organisational shepherd πŸ˜€

There’s a great vibe to the programme, a real enthusiasm that’s infectious. I’m sure that in years to come, all of us, mentors and students from all the organisations that took part, and the Google staff (particularly Leslie) who go well beyond the call of duty, will look back on this period of our lives and think “Hey, you know what? That was pretty darn cool what we did there.”. You can’t ask much more than that of life.