Deck13's Venetica - looking pretty sweet

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venetica1Deck13 are one of the longest-running commercial users of Ogre in the game industry, having completed 3 full retail games using it now. They have 2 more in the works, and one is Venetica, an action-RPG; and it’s looking really nice. I uploaded a bunch of screenshots to our gallery recently which were passed on to me direct, but they have more on their website too, like the one shown here. It actually reminds me a little of Fable 2, which is praise indeed.

As you can see, they've made good use of HDR and post-processing effects (I particularly like the fluid simulation they used for the 'spectral effects'), some nice dynamic texture shadows and their animation pipeline (skeletal and facial) which served them so well in previous games make a welcome return too. It's worth watching the trailer on the game site to see what I mean there.

Venetica is one of the games I'll be featuring in my talk at FMX/09 in May, where I'll talk about a few of the technical details and show a longer video from their beta, which shows off the animation and effects even better.

Once again some great work from Deck13; these days they have a little more company at the upper end of the eye candy scale of OGRE game development (from people like Nimblebit and KING Art, who will also be featuring in my talk), but there's one thing for sure, they never cease to impress.