Daylight Savings Time is dumb

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (317 Words)

I hate DST (or as we call it, British Summer Time). What a daft idea - let’s make our population endure 2 1-hour ‘jetlag’ incidents every year, complicating scheduling between time zones and screwing with people’s sleeping patterns - I saw a bunch of friends last night and at least 50% of us were tired (and undoubtedly were sub-optimal workers that day) because we’d been forced to get up an hour earlier than we were used to - something that seems pretty common and does have a cost. Great job William Willett, you total arse.

Come on, this stupid idea was formed in 1907 and things have moved on since then. Supposedly the original idea was to save lighting costs, but that whole theory has been totally and completely discredited in recent times. Allegedly businesses related to sport and leisure make more money because of it, but that’s countered by a drop in businesses related to evening entertainment; and some of the effect is just cyclical anyway, due to regular summer trends. It’s just a total waste of effort and a pointless disruption.

Personally I concur with the theory that it’s just a vast Puritan conspiracy to make us get up and go to bed earlier, and an excuse to fritter away a ton of productivity messing about with the clock just because some people like to do that. Here’s a tip - if you’re the kind of person that likes more daylight in the summer, get up earlier. It’s not like the working day changes length or anything, the daylight is there, and if you want to use it, then you get up early and frolic about in it before work. Leave the rest of us to our normal schedules, with our simple time zone that doesn’t pointlessly bugger about twice a year. Stop imposing your frivalous time-bending wishes on the rest of us.

Rant ends.