I finally have a 'real' office

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My office has finally been christened as a legitimate workplace - I now have a photocopier 😀

Well, of sorts - it’s actually one of those All-in-one devices, which I finally decided to buy because I was fed up of laboriously scanning multi-page contracts / licenses on a flatbed. I went with a HP Officejet J6410 - it was cheap, got some very good reviews, and I’ve generally been happy with other HPs over the years. Sure, their cartridges are some of the most expensive around, but I’m not a heavy duty user anyway, and the main thing I like about many of their recent devices compared to other manufacturers (at least at this price point) is the built-in wifi, which this one has too. Having the ability to put the printer anywhere and not connect it to any PC or even an ethernet port is something I’m not willing to do without anymore, especially since this new one is pretty large.

So far, so good. It’s not that noisy, setup was quick and fairly painless, and (most importantly for me) it’s super-easy to scan multipage documents direct to PDF, pushing them to PCs with an agent installed or emailing them if you want. The copy facility is fairly slow (obviously) but then I only need it very occasionally - after all, who wants to generate more paper?I probably won’t use the integrated fax since I use scanned documents on email, or an electronic fax bridge when I need to, but it’s nice to have the option.

Yay, no more babysitting the scanner when dealing with tedious paperwork! 😀