Penalising rage-quitters

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I don’t play competitive multiplayer games very much, because I just don’t have the dedication to hone my skills to even the median average of the online pack, at least beyond about week 2 of a game’s release, but one thing that’s constantly annoying when I do is people who disconnect because they’re losing. Given that I don’t win online very much, I don’t encounter this that often, but on the few occasions where I’m getting the upper hand, there’s nothing more annoying than having people quit out on you mid-game.

I generally get my arse kicked in SFIV online (but I always stay to the end of the match even if my cause is hopeless - which in fairness it usually is), but I was glad to hear that they will be introducing penalties for quitters, in the form of ranking penalties and a publicly visible, prominent disconnect percentage. I applaud that - of course occasionally you’ll get an accidental or unavoidable disconnect, like an internet connection going down, or a fully laden tour bus crashing through your front room into your TV (it happens, so I’ve heard), but on the whole I think it’ll be representative and a good thing. When you choose to play online, you should be prepared to lose gracefully; I know I am, but then I’ve had practice at it, and I’m also British where being magnanimous in defeat is generally ingrained into your psyche from a young age if your upbringing was halfway decent. Good game old chap, good game. Tea? 😉

I actually had someone rage quit on me in a Peggle game a couple of weeks ago. Peggle. How do you get worked up enough about that to storm off in a huff? Kids today…