I take it all back

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In recent years, I’ve been pretty disappointed with Nintendo (barring the excellent Super Mario Galaxy) and their machines for seeming to totally miss the opportunities that their devices offered for new types of games, lamenting that they just seem content to regurgitate every game from their previous consoles and couple it with a lazy waggle / touch control scheme, and go for the super-casual brigade with  things that can only be loosely described as games (Wii Fit, Wii Music), and leave it at that. Third parties haven’t exactly taken up the baton either, with the Wii in particular being filled with the most awful shovelware. Similarly, when once I found Japanese games fascinatingly different, lately I’ve felt they’re mostly treading over the same old ground over and over again. Then, I see this from Namco:

I haven’t laughed so hard at a game video in ages - it’s just so perfectly, fantastically absurd that it brings back all my memories of when Japanese games still had the power to evoke splutters of astonishment from me. This certainly isn’t a game for western straight men who are in the slightest bit insecure about their perceived sexuality, but for everyone else it looks like a fun party game that is only enhanced by being completely off its tits (or rather, oversized pectorals). It’ll probably get old relatively fast, but Namco, thank you showing us that Japan can still come up with genuinely surprising (nay, startling) games.