Symbolic release dates & internationalisation

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It seems that symbolic release dates are all the rage right now. Beatles: Rock Band is due to be released on 09/09/09, which besides being easy to remember and aesthetically pleasing, I’ve since learned refers to one of their freakier experimental tracks (I hadn’t heard this before being tipped off to it, and afterwards concluded that I hadn’t been missing anything).

Modern Warfare 2 has tried to get in on the act too, releasing on 10th November 2009, which in US date format translates to 11/10/09 - so almost a nice countdown idiom, although who starts counting down from 11? Besides Spinal Tap that is.  They really should have done this in 2008 instead (10/09/08). Of course, unlike the Beatles game, neither really works in an international context; here for example the release date is 10/11/09, losing all symbolic relevance due to our dd/mm/yy convention. Which, I have to say, is entirely more logical, since the denominations of time increase from left to right rather than jumping erratically about the place 😉

What other date-related shenanigans can we expect in 2010 I wonder? Surely an Arthur C. Clarke tie-in is unavoidable?