The long wait

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I’m still waiting to get my 360 back after it fell on its own sword, but luckily late last week I got confirmation that it’s making its way back to me (or at least, a doppleganger with a service label on it is). It’s now languishing somewhere in Belgium as it meanders through UPS’s various relay stations like some signal trying to evade detection. All in all it will have taken about a month for the repair to go through, with a week of that just being lost by nothing happening with the initial web-registered fault report, and the rest just being dreadfully slow UPS shuttling of boxes (a courier that takes a week to go from Germany to here isn’t really ‘express’ if you ask me - I made it in a day, and FedEx is always much faster than this).

We’ve definitely missed Rock Band the most, especially as there’s been some great DLC in the last few weeks, so we have a queue. I’m looking forward to getting back to Fallout 3 too, but RB will definitely be going back in the machine first when it (hopefully) turns up again next week.

In the meantime we’ve briefly tried out the Left4Dead survival mode on PC (the superior version of the game anyway), which is actually more fun than I expected although quite wearing over time - the main game remains the primary draw. At the same time I noticed the improvements they’ve made to the play tracking on the Steam community, which is really very good. Steam has achievements of course, but on top of that being able to see game-specific statistical breakdowns of favourite weapons, accuracy statistics, how much you saved other people etc is really quite fun to browse through. Here’s my Left4Dead stats for example; there’s not many games in here, picking up only 1 evening’s play, that’s why I know it must be a new feature. XBox Live could definitely learn from this, a bit of cross-pollination between services is always good.