It's Aliiiive!

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Ahem. Yeah, that means my 360 came back today, fixed and happy. MS tech support have put a smiley-faced band-aid over its owwies, and now it’s all better. I took a long coffee break to hook it up and test that it works, and whether my DLC still works or needs re-downloading (answer, it does, and it doesn’t, respectively). Muchos gracias, señor Microsoft.

Total turnaround time: 33 days, although it would have been 10 days less had it not been for the first support request disappearing down a virtual plughole while I was away for a week (and 2 bank holidays didn’t help). Could have been better, but also could have been worse - once it actually got rolling it was well organised, and most of the time spent was in transit with UPS, the console itself was fixed in about 2 days. And at least it cost me exactly zero pence -  I guess I’m now an active contributor to that $1bn repair bill allocation on Microsoft’s books.

So, obviously it sucks that the 360 is a tad flaky in the thermal management department, but at least the repairs seem pretty well organised. I’ve also noticed that my console now shows up as ‘In Warranty’ online rather than ‘Out of Standard Warranty’ as it did before (but still within the extended warranty for RRoD and E74). I wonder if that means I get another year’s warranty for other things?