Thank you, System Restore

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (199 Words)

I bitch about Windows on occasion, but I have to give it credit for System Restore, which saved my ass today.

Some Cisco VPN software which I was trying to install to help a client completely f*cked all my network access on my primary workstation, effectively rendering it useless. Not only that, but it refused to uninstall (hang), or disable (hang) in any way, even from safe mode, and appeared to install no useful tools or documentation with which to diagnose said problems, while disabling all other useful diagnostics (ipconfig returned nothing, device manager claimed both Cisco and regular network devices were fine, all other configuration tools just hang). After much swearing & experimentation I remembered System Restore, which I’d never had cause to use before, since I’ve never got myself into such a dead end before, but which worked like a charm.

I’ve used Window’s own VPN connections before and they’ve been fine. Cisco though, what a PITA - I’ll definitely think twice about trying to use that again. That combined with my server’s PSU mucking about today has not made this one of the most stress-free days. I guess it’s karma for having a good day yesterday.