svnmerge and svn 1.6 don't play nice?

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Bah. I’ve used svnmerge for ages to meet my Subversion merging needs, but a change around property management in Subversion 1.6 makes it no longer work anymore.

Yes, I know Subversion has had its own merging features since 1.5, but I still use svnmerge because it works well, it generates me detailed merge commit messages, and it doesn’t require me to upgrade all my repositories to use it. Sourceforge was on Subversion 1.3 for ages so this was very useful, but even now they’re on 1.5 it’s a PITA to upgrade your repository, because you have to re-upload the whole thing to do it (I already have a local rsync copy anyway, but you have to locally upgrade it and re-upload). Obviously this is not the kind of thing you want to be doing when development is going on, and especially not when you have Summer of Code students getting on with things.

The answer for me was to downgrade back to Subversion 1.5 because that still works both ways. I’ll maybe start using Subversion’s in-built merging once I’m confident it’s no longer less functional than svnmerge, and when/if I can find a suitable window to take the repository offline for everyone for a few hours. Right now, it’s just not worth the hassle.

[edit]Aha - an alternative is to use this patch to svnmerge to make it work with svn 1.6’s altered error reporting behaviour when deleting a property. For some reason the svn 1.6.2 official Windows distribution didn’t seem to have this in the contrib folder.