Caffeine vs Alzheimer's

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Good news for coffee lovers such as myself - caffeine seems to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s.

The doses in the research were fairly high though - 500mg per day, or about 5 cups of coffee (the US standard for espresso is 64mg caffeine per fluid ounce, which equals 96mg per shot). I might have got through that in a day at one stage, but I’m not chain-chugging Red Bull and coffee like I used to a few years ago. I do tend to double-shot my home-made espresso so I’d need to drink 2-3 a day to keep up with the mice in the test - not too bad, but still more than I usually have these days (I go for quality over quantity).

Of course, they don’t say how much the mice started twitching, how many heart palpitations they had, and how they coped with the inevitable post-caffeine crashes. But overall, I think everyone would take those ahead of a degenerative mental condition. Here’s hoping this research continues to go well.