going dark

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (372 Words) is being shut down because the maintainer hasn’t got time to do it anymore, which is a shame because it’s a really nice site for browsing the increasingly crushing number of Rock Band tracks available and finding videos of people playing the charts before you buy.

However, I found over time that the best videos came from corporalgregg2, who always posts full-band videos which saves a lot of time over the individual instrument videos, as well as being very good so you can actually hear the song with everyone playing on Expert 😀So I’m just subscribed to him from now on for reviewing the new songs as they come out. This week is really good again - you can’t complain when you get Blur, Kaiser Chiefs and Foo Fighters in one week.

One thing that’s always irked me about Rock Band 2 is that despite the song database being really good, with album groupings, filtering by artist / genre etc, album art, individual instrument difficulties and all that, it’s missing one vital feature: a ‘Recently Added’ playlist, or at least a sort by release date. When you get quite a big song list, and your friends ask ‘So what’s new recently?’, you’re forced to either remember (never a sound strategy for me), or page through all the songs looking for things that are new. It’s such an obvious feature that I wonder whether they just don’t have access to that information on the DLC files which is why it’s not there - I can’t imagine no-one’s asked for it; our list is ‘only’ 270-odd songs deep and it’s an issue, I can’t imagine what it’s like if you own all 800+ songs.

However, I found a website which helps with that in the comments of the shutdown post - It lets you add all the songs you’ve purchased and then sort them by date added. And when you add in bulk, that still sub-sorts by release date, which is perfect. At least I can whip out my mobile and look it up when someone asks, or link friends to it! Here’s my personal hastily constructed page - it may not be 100% complete, I added things in a rush.