Left 4 Dead 2 trailer leaked, has a bombastic feel

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (283 Words)

I’m not sure if this is the intro or just a trailer, since the first game had an intro which led directly to the starting point of the first chapter, which worked well, which this one clearly doesn’t (unless they start you in absolute mahem which would not make sense). If this is the intro, then I have to say I preferred the intro from the first game, which was a bit more suspense and atmosphere and less chainsaws & explosions, but I suspect it’s just a marketing trailer and hence appealing to the attention-span-challenged is paramount. At least this movie, whatever it is, gives you a better peek at the new characters than we’ve had before.

One of the undersold characteristics of the first game was that the characters were genuinely likeable without ever needing to litter the game with cutscenes (beyond the short intro) - just the little snippets of in-game dialog and the AI behaviour (we play only 2-player most of the time) was enough to let you know what they were about, which is no mean feat: Bill was a gruff veteran who is too stubborn to heal himself, Francis was a surly biker who hates everything and kinda likes killing stuff, Louis was an everyman in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Zoey was a naive horror fan completely out of her depth. That’s just enough character to set the scene and get players happy to be embodying the roles in my view. Francis was my favourite in the first game, closely followed by Louis (“Do I look like one o’them?!!!!”) - in the sequel I’m already liking Coach and Ellis particularly. Looking forward to this!