OGRE OS & Browser Stats

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I’ve had requests to post the OS & browser stats for the OGRE site, which I didn’t include in my previous demographics post, so here we go.

A caveat to start off with - as a programmer-oriented site our users are obviously a little different in their choice of tech to the population at large!

Operating Systems

Not really a surprise there, Windows dominates the landscape, with Linux and OS X pulling up the rear. Personally on the desktop I’m a Windows and OS X user so my visits are contributing to those rows. There’s a decent showing for the mobile platforms too, iPhone and iPod particularly, a fair few on Android and even some early iPad hits.

Windows Breakdown

It’s worth drilling down into the huge Windows stat to see what versions people are using:

XP still rules the roost then, and thank goodness Vista is sinking rapidly to the bottom like the cast-iron turd sculpture it is - Windows 7 has already more than doubled its share. And it’s amusing to see that a couple of crazy b?st#rds are still running ME and NT.

Mac OS X Breakdown

I’d heard that supporting pre-Leopard versions of Mac OS X was increasingly becoming pointless since almost everyone had upgraded, and these stats bear that out - 96% of users are running 10.5 (Leopard) or better.

Even more interesting was the sole visitor running 10.7! Was that an error, or did we have someone from Apple on an unreleased future version visiting the site? And what’s that ‘68K’ entry about - someone running an Apple ][ emulator or something?

The Linux breakdown wasn’t interesting (99% ’not set’, the rest just kernel versions), so there’s nothing to post for that - don’t email me about  missing out Linux please 😉


Firefox is the clear winner here at a huge 50% - this definitely reflects our developer-focussed audience. In fact, I used to be an avid Firefox user until quite recently, when the new version of Chrome added the equivalent to the extensions I relied on in Firefox, at which point I switched because Chrome is more efficient with memory in particular. IE’s share at 18% is definitely not representative of the general user population, but then our users tend to be a bit better informed than that 😀

So there you go, request fulfilled - hope it was interesting.