SourceTree, your Mac Git & Mercurial GUI, is 40% off this week

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Since I’m trying to spread this news as far and wide as I can, I might as well say it here too 😀

Since the approval light just went green on the Mac App Store, I’m happy to announce the launch of SourceTree 1.2! In celebration, I’m having a crazy-bonkers 40% off sale just for one week, so get it while it’s hot!

There’s loads of things that are new or improved in this release, but here are the headlines:

  • Support for GitHub, Bitbucket and Kiln APIs, so you can see your hosted projects inside SourceTree, clone from them, link them as remotes, and even create new projects if you want.
  • Streamlined and polished user interface - I specifically dedicated a lot of extra time in this release on making SourceTree easier on the eyes, and to streamline the layout and workflows better.
  • Performance - I thought SourceTree was already pretty fast, but I managed to find quite a few more places to trim the fat, and also parallelised more activities to make things feel more responsive. Everything feels snappier, and complex repositories benefit especially.
  • New Sidebar - I had previously resisted the need to emulate iTunes here, but once I had implemented it, I had to admit that I was wrong, and in fact this worked great. Provides lots of shortcuts to navigating and operating on branches, tags and remotes.
  • Stashing and Shelving - oft requested, now delivered 😀
  • Customise Git and Mercurial - you can now use your system Git / Mercurial instead of SourceTree’s standard versions (which have been updated), and enable additional Mercurial extensions (at your own risk).
  • French and Japanese translations - local versions for our friends in far away (and not so far away) places, likely to be more to come in future. Big thanks to tuan_kuranes and mzch for their help with these two!
  • And the rest - just lots of little refinements too numerous to list. Examples: copying text from the diff panel, ‘git commit -amend’ support, close branches in Mercurial, switch tracking branches in Git

It’s quite a big update - one user remarked to me that they’d normally expect developers to charge an upgrade fee for something like this, but like all other SourceTree updates this is free to existing customers. I have no plans for any paid upgrades for some time yet, I just want to keep making SourceTree better, and hope that more people come onboard. Maybe it’s my open source background, but I like to keep iterating and continually improving things, based on what I want to do (I’m a daily SourceTree user myself), and on what people tell me they’d like to see. SourceTree 1.2 certainly won’t be the last update by far 😀

When I look back 6 months at SourceTree 1.0, it’s incredible how much better it is as a product now, both visually and functionally. I’ve learned a ton of things while I’ve been developing it, and I continue to learn more all the time, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing right now. Also, my wife Marie re-designed many of the icons for 1.2 (and I think you’ll agree they’re a lot nicer) - that was fun to do as a joint project, even if I am a picky ‘customer’ 😉

I hope you enjoy the new release!