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A common requirement in any Cocoa application is a preference pane style window where each toolbar item switches to a different view in the main window, resizing as necessary. I’ve used BWToolkit to do this in the past, which provides BWSelectableToolbar. However, there are a few issues with using BWToolkit:

  1. If you want to deploy on the Mac App Store, You have to customise it to remove all uses of private methods, since those are banned on the App Store.
  2. It sometimes crashes Interface Builder - usually not fatally but it can get awkward
  3. Sometimes it gets the window height slightly too tall when switching panes - I’ve patched it to try to cope with this but it still happens sometimes
  4. It relies on using IB plugins. XCode 4 does not support IB plugins anymore - although you can still build the code, you can’t edit the nibs anymore

I’ve just been coping with 1, 2 & 3 so far, but 4 was the killer which made me come up with my own alternative: SSSelectableToolbar.

With SSSelectableToolbar, you can still do the preference pane setup entirely within Interface Builder, but it doesn’t require any plugins. There are a couple of extra steps required because of this, but they’re not onerous and still better than setting it all up in code.

The license is permissive MIT, usage is in the README, and there’s an example demo to show how it works. I hope it’s useful to someone else too.