Realisation: blogs are still where it's at

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (189 Words)

I’ve been shamed by Scott Hanselman into realising that I’ve been neglecting my blog recently, and using Twitter as a poor surrogate for more detailed commentary, something I plan to address in the next few months. Google+ acted as a sort of halfway house for a while too, but a combination of their lack of mobile updates, a terrible new desktop design, and the realisation that my blog does a better job of forming a permanent archive of my musings mean that I’m unlikely to use it very much beyond linking now.

I do want to improve the experience here though, so I plan to upgrade the theme and am also considering replacing the embedded comments system with Disqus. The main advantage of that is that people can comment via their Twitter / Facebook ¬†etc accounts, reducing friction but also it lets people manage their own comments better across many websites, while having have richer threaded discussions. The downside is that comments then become dependent on external data. Still, I think it’s an overall win, if you have any thoughts on that subject, I’d be glad to hear them!