See you at WWDC!

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Apple kept everyone on tenterhooks this year by announcing WWDC 2012 very late - the second latest announcement ever in fact.

Like many other people (11,000 of them I hear, which is alarming given that there are only 5,000 tickets to the event) I signed up to WWDC Alerts,  which sent me an SMS message while I was having lunch, only a few minutes after the tickets went on sale. That I was lucky enough to bag myself a ticket has a lot to do with that - about 90 minutes later, they were all gone - so big thanks to fellow Brits Anthony Herron and Aaron Wardle for running that, completely free of charge too. Legends.

Apple picked a surprising time to announce the tickets, being as it was about 2am Pacific Time. Perfect for people like me in Europe - I’d expected to get the call late at night - but I imagine there are a lot of people on the west coast who are seething about this choice of timing.

I’ve never been to WWDC before, but this year was a perfect time to go, with the continued growth of SourceTree and the fact that I’m attending Atlassian Summit, which is held a couple of weeks before in San Francisco. So I’ll be heading over for Summit, hanging out in the Atlassian SF Office for a week, then heading down to WWDC. A pretty efficient trip 😀

So, if you’re going to WWDC, Summit or are in the SF area generally around that time and want to say hi, look me up!

I’m also thinking about getting a short-term pre-paid SIM (preferably with data) for the 3 weeks I’m out there, if you have any suggestions on that front I’d love to hear them.