Blog revamp

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As I promised, I’ve given this blog a bit of an overhaul in anticipation of posting more often again. For those who are interested, here’s a run-down of the updates:

  1. New responsive design
[Responsive design]( is all the rage these days; in summary, it's all about making your site adapt fluidly to the reading environment so it looks good on a variety of devices, even resizing images so they always fit. Try resizing your browser window, and you'll see that the layout adapts, dropping the sidebar when it gets too thin and so on. I'd love to take credit for it, but monkeying about with CSS is one of my least favourite things in the world so I just used/tweaked an <a href="" target="_blank">existing theme</a> which took my fancy. Clearly, I'm in a minimalist phase right now.
  1. **Commenting via Disqus

** Previously I’d used the standard WordPress commenting system plus a reCAPTCHA plugin to cut down on spam. That worked well enough, but Disqus has some advantages, chief of which is that you can comment using existing accounts such as Twitter, Google, OpenID and Facebook, which is much faster and frictionless. Also if you have a Disqus account, it collates all your comments across all websites so you can reference them more easily - I’ve found this useful myself in the past if I’ve commented on a post I found on Twitter and then forgot where it was. Importing all the blog’s existing comments to Disqus was easy, and allegedly all comments in future will be stored in both places (edit: confirmed, this is working), so you don’t have to worry about being exposed to external data loss, you always have all the comments in your own database too. 3. Replaced many scattered plugins with Jetpack

I used to use a bunch of different plugins for twitter feeds, subscriptions and social sharing buttons, but then I found <a href="" target="_blank">Jetpack</a>, which packages a bunch of them in one plugin.  Seems to work well, and it beats having to upgrade a bunch of separate plugins.

So, I hope you like the new design. Apologies for any lingering issues, I’m sure there will be some tweaks to do in the coming days but generally I think it’s a big improvement.