Unreal packaging: TypePromotionPinDenyList error

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Just a quick post today about a very weird error I encountered while trying to package a project with Unreal 5.3; and because I got zero search hits for it on the web, I figured I’d document how I fixed it to save others in the future.

Here’s the error I got while trying to package this UE project, either from the editor or the command line:

LogObj: Error: LoadConfig (/Script/BlueprintGraph.Default__BlueprintEditorSettings): import failed for TypePromotionPinDenyList in: text

WTF, right? This class has nothing to do with my project and I’ve never even heard of anything called TypePromotionPinDenyList. I searched through all my config files and there was no mention of it anywhere.

After a bit more searching I found this in the Editor Settings window:

Editor settings

OK, so here’s the “Type Promotion Pin Deny List”. Apparently this is for allowing extra conversions of types, like the way UE lets you connect a float to double in a Blueprint without saying anything. However, there’s nothing here.

All I did was add a dummy entry to the list, and then clear it again, thinking that something had somehow gotten screwed up in this setting. And yep, that was it! After that my project packaged just fine.

I’ve never encountered this before and maybe no-one else will, but in case someone does, at least maybe they’ll have this one hit in their search engine instead of a yawning void like I had. 😉