My Top Gaming Trend of 2008: 'Designed for Co-op'

2008 co-op Games

I was a happy bunny in 2008, because it was the year when designing games specifically for co-op play finally entered mainstream thinking. Sure, games have had co-op modes for a while, but they’d usually been a bolt-on extra - at best you could add maybe one extra player who would be ‘along for the ride’;┬ádisposable, an afterthought. At worst, it might actually undermine the play experience, because the game wasn’t deliberately balanced for 2 players, or maybe you’d be limited to a small section of the content in co-op specific play modes.

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Farewell, 2008

2008 personal

2008 has been a hell of mixed year - ups, downs, odd shimmying movements, it’s had it all. In the grand spirit of catharsis, I decided to pick out a few of the moments that stick in my memory about the year that zipped by when we weren’t looking. Most Inspirational Moment : Obama winning the US Election The moment I honestly didn’t think would actually happen for most of 2008.

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