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Comedy onion Tech

Apologies if you’ve already seen this (it’s 2 weeks old) but it made me laugh out loud today so I thought I’d share it. Warning: strong language and offensive to a certain brand you may have an attachment to if you’re the inexplicably loyal type. To fanboys: it’s not talking about the PS3, or indeed any real product. It’s just comedy. Put down the knife. 😉

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Grains of War

Very funny. And yes, that’s actually the guy that voice acts Cole in GOW. Thanks Kotaku.

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Gates & Seinfeld - funny in whose dimension?

I don’t know if they’re actually airing these adverts Stateside, or whether they’re a web-only phenomenon for the moment, but Penny Arcade drew my attention to them today. Colour me unimpressed. If the intention was to shake off Vista’s sales blues, or to generally ‘connect’ with the wider consumer in a way that Apple does so well but Microsoft almost never does, but I’d have to classify this effort as a failure of sizable proportions.

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Large Hadron Collider Survival Kit

Comedy Games science

You’ve no doubt heard about the first tests of CERN’s LHC today, but the folks at Reddit are clearly ahead of the game on this and are making sure that the scientists are adequately prepared for the discoveries that may be around the corner. They’ve taken the prudent step of sending CERN a crowbar, a copy of the Half Life Strategy Guide, and a ‘training headcrab’, together with a simple note:

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Yahtzee hates EVE too

I blogged a little while ago about the soul-crushing tedium that was my brief, never to be repeated experience with EVE Online. Well, happily Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation has waded in with his size 9’s and had me cheering from the stands in between chuckles. Amen, brother Yahtzee, amen.

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ZP on A of C

This is one of my favourite recent ZeroPunctuation episodes, after all what’s not to love when he can somehow find a way to include a Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich reference in a MMORPG review?

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Fur TV

Comedy fur tv muppets

The Muppets were cool. But, times have changed and now we have Fur TV, a distinctly adult, brazen take on the kind of belly laughs you can get out of glorified sock puppets. I’ve caught it a couple of times on TV recently and the first time I randomly came across it I almost choked on my late-night cup of tea. Like all shock-comedy I’m not sure it’ll be long-lasting, but damn is it funny right now.

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Stand up, again

The Guernsey Festival of Comedy was great last year, and so we snapped up tickets to this year’s local stand-up event, since the only other way we’d get to see acts like this is to travel to a major city. Paul Tonkinson was headlining this year which made it a no-brainer, we’ve seen him on the Comedy Store before and he’s always excellent. As expected it was a great night, Paul didn’t disappoint in the slightest and thus crowned the evening off perfectly, but the other acts were really good too.

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