The folly of game scores

Games reviews scores

I’ve believed for a while that the process of reviewing games (or indeed, most things) by allocating them a numerical score is akin to trying to pin a rosette to a charging rhino; an exercise in utter futility. The very act of publishing an absolute number to a review is a total fallacy - that you can legitimately assign a piece of pseudo-empirical data, which will be processed as such downstream, to what is in fact an entirely subjective opinion.

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Rock Band: a personal verdict

360 Games rock band xbox

I’ve been waiting six months for Rock Band to make it to these shores. Six long, hard months where the only new music game to play was the crushing disappointment that was Guitar Hero 3. Now I’ve finally gotten my hands on it at considerable expense, what do I think? We spent an entire evening playing it and went to bed way later than we should have, and I even squeezed a little solo time into my lunch hour today (which should give you a clue as to the verdict already), so I feel ready to give an impression.

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Skate: if only I was this cool in RL

360 Games skate

I mentioned a few days ago that I picked up Skate for the 360, a game I had my eye on because I loved THPS2 (PC) & THPS3 (Gamecube) several years ago and haven’t really played a game like that since, especially given the THPS franchise has gone downhill in recent years. For those who don’t know, the difference in Skate is that while in THPS you had buttons and directional controls to do things like grinds, kickflips etc, in Skate you have one stick to control your board, and one for your body, and all tricks are pulled off by simply moving those in fairly representative ways - so grinding is now a case of positioning your board in the right place, for example by rotating your body 90 degrees in flight to land with the board astride a rail (a boardslide) - no tapping a button to miraculously attach yourself to the grind point or anything.

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