DLC Took My Lunch Money

360 DLC Games money XBLA

For some reason I was suddenly curious as to how much money I’d spent since last December on digital content for the 360, such as XBox Live Arcade titles and more recently Rock Band DLC. Of course you buy things in Microsoft Points on the 360, which like Wii Points and Disney Dollars are designed precisely to disguise how much money you’re actually spending. The PSN has my respect in this regard for taking the brave step of actually pricing things in units of real money.

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Large Hadron Collider Survival Kit

Comedy Games science

You’ve no doubt heard about the first tests of CERN’s LHC today, but the folks at Reddit are clearly ahead of the game on this and are making sure that the scientists are adequately prepared for the discoveries that may be around the corner. They’ve taken the prudent step of sending CERN a crowbar, a copy of the Half Life Strategy Guide, and a ‘training headcrab’, together with a simple note:

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Sting in GH:WT - expanding on a dumb idea

Games guitar hero Sting

One of the latest items of news in the music game scene is that Sting is now confimed to be lending his likeness to Guitar Hero : World Tour, along with the already announced / leaked likes of Ted Nugent, Billy Corgan, Jimi Hendrix, and Ozzy Osbourne. Now, I can imagine marketing men getting excited about being able to include famous characters in a game, in a wonderful brand marketing / halo effect / leveraging synergy moment, but I look at these announcements and really can’t give a rat’s arse.

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Yahtzee hates EVE too

I blogged a little while ago about the soul-crushing tedium that was my brief, never to be repeated experience with EVE Online. Well, happily Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation has waded in with his size 9’s and had me cheering from the stands in between chuckles. Amen, brother Yahtzee, amen.

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Voice acting vs literature

Ok, soapbox time. I’m going to alienate a lot of people and say that ubiquitous voice acting in many games, particularly roleplaying games, is a bad thing. The reason is that it’s constraining the ability of script writers, particularly in conversations. It’s obvious really - recording voice is more expensive than text, both in terms of the time required to produce it, and the space it consumes on the final media.

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Cultural white-washing

Ugh. I’ve liked the Prince Of Persia series (although I only mostly only experienced the latest lot as a spectator, my wife played them more), but I have some misgivings about the gameplay trailer for the latest one. My gripes: Firstly, all that jumping & grabbing. It really doesn’t seem very fluid, more of a vertical shuffling game than the graceful acrobatic series of moves I’ve come to expect of PoP.

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Geometry Wars 2

arcade Games geometry wars

Damn, this game is good. The first one was great of course, but suffered from being a bit too limited in scope - it was great for a quick blast but the fact that there was really only one game mode worth playing (the other being a retro take on the same thing) made long sessions unlikely. The sequel resolves this by including 6 different game modes, with competitive and co-operative multiplayer variations thrown into the mix.

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Okami, Boom Blox & Prof.Layton

Damn, it’s not a bad situation to be in, but I suddenly feel even more swamped than usual with gaming opportunities. Rock Band continues to be a bottomless well of fun, with its continuous drip-feed of new content and experience-driven gameplay, it just seems to get more enjoyable as time goes on as the song library expands, and you get to grips with the less known tracks. However, my birthday just passed and I received 3 new games, two for the Wii and one for the DS, both fairly neglected platforms of late.

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My Monster's Bigger Than Your Monster

Gears of War and Resistance are obviously quite similar game franchises, exclusive on different platforms, and as such rivalry between the teams is to be expected. But I couldn’t help but laugh at the blatant one-upmanship in one of the latest Resistance 2 screens (GOW on the left, for the uninitiated): I can just see the Resistance 2 team sticking their toungues out and going ‘nyaa’ 😀 It’s all irrelevant of course since they’re all pipsqueaks compared to my well-nurtured Katamari.

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SFIV looking fabulous

Wow. Every new trailer I see of Street Fighter IV raises my anticipation level for this title a little more, and the video released from Captivate 08 yesterday is no exception. Just ignore the annoying voice-over. Stunning. The proof will be in the playing of course, but it certainly looks promising that they’ve captured the essence of arguably the best fighting game ever to grace any system. They even have a revamped version of a piece of music that I definitely recognise from SFII - I think it might be from Vega’s stage?

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