Living longer means working longer, obviously

Local Political retirement

So, in our local juristiction we’re finally having the discussionabout retirement age, ie raising it to 67 by 2031, and probably higher than that later (not mentioned yet, but it’s bound to happen). Somehow, this is a shock to some people. The fact is that the welfare system, retirement packages, andĀ even the economy in general were just not constructed on the understanding that an increasing number of people would be retired for up to one third of their life.

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The White Stuff

Local personal snow weather

We don’t get ‘proper’ snow very often here (gulf stream, island salt air etc), so it was a surprise to wake up to about 3-4 inches on the ground this morning. Unsurprisingly, our completely unprepared community has ground to a complete halt, in conditions any Russian or Canadian would find laughable. It doesn’t stop me from going to work of course, or my wife who also only has a short walk to work.

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