OgreSpeedTree featured at, press release

IDV yesterday issued a press releaseon announcing OgreSpeedTree😀We’re also in their galleryand (currently) also on their front page. I’m rather pleased! I do however feel the pressing need to come up with some better screenshots, including HDR and some more interesting terrain. As always my thanks go to Kevin Meridith from IDV for his assistance throughout this whole process.

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MS to world: black is white

Marketing vista Windows

I had to chuckle at these commentsfrom Microsoft’s VP for “Windows Consumer Product Marketing” Brad Brooks on what they’re going to do about Vista’s current image problem. He says all the bad things people are saying about Vista are lies: “There’s a conversation in the market place right now and it’s plain wrong,” he claimed. Ah, I see now Brad. As a paying customer I’ve bought several Vista licenses and been totally underwhelmed by what I got for the money, and have been far more engaged with OS X in almost the same period, but I’m just plain wrong.

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