Late night was worth it

I generally don’t stay up late into the night to watch things live, such as Formula 1 or the Oscars. However, I did stay up until almost 3am this morning watching the US election results come in, only going to bed when Ohio declared for Obama, pretty much guaranteeing he was going to win (it’s a crucial swing state) - at the same time unofficial predictions were that Florida and New Mexico were going his way too, making it pretty much unassailable.

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Dear US citizens…

Please don’t inflict another 4 years of clueless right-wing government on yourselves and the rest of the world. McCain might seem like a change from Bush, but have you noticed how much his previously independent rhethoric has changed since becoming the republican nominee? He’s towing the establishment line more and more, and becoming more of a negative compaigner by the day. And anyone who picks Sarah Palin as a running mate needs their head examined.

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