Spotify - finally a Pandora replacement?

Like many of my friends in the UK, I’m a Pandora-mourner. The great thing about Pandora was the great range of music, the unobtrusiveness of the client, and the robustness of the stream - all issues that Last.fmsignificantly under-delivers on in comparison. Not only is’s interface not as pleasant, any time I’d stress my machine (such as hitting all the cores at once with a major batch build), I’d get streaming hiccups.

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Pandora, denied!

Music pandora

Nooooooooooooooo! Pandorahave finally clamped down their ‘you can only listen from the US’ rule - previously they’d, ahem, ‘enforced’ it by asking you to enter a US Zip code, a field ‘creatively’ used by pretty much everybody outside the US who loved their service. I’m sure the population of the 90210 zip code is about 1000 times what it should be according to Pandora’s records 😀However, now they’ve finally started using the technology at their disposal to filter more aggressively, via geolocation software.

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