Work 2.0 - the interruptible programmer

I’m 37, and I’ve been a (professional) developer for 16 years. You would have thought that in that time, I’d have figured out an effective work style which delivered the desired outcomes (code cut, products shipped etc) without causing detrimental knock-on effects - but, sadly, you’d be wrong. I think the style in which I practiced my craft for the first 15 years of my career was much the same as every other enthusiastic developer: you put a ton of hours in.

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How did I get started in software development?

memes programming

My old pal-turned-Microsoftie (I try not to hold that against him 😉 ) DamienG meme-tagged me again so here goes… How old were you when you first started in programming? I’m not completely sure, I know I was around 8 or 9 when our primary school got a ZX81 and a BBC Micro around the same time, and I used to mess about with them at lunchtimes and after school whenever I got the chance.

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