Who cares what's trending?

Trends - or as I would call them, rampant fads populated by people looking to leverage the best buzzwords to get VCs to throw money at them - come and go. The one constant is the claim that is so awesome that will universally and irreversibly replace , to the extent that if you’re using or producing , you are irretrievably lame, and complete strangers will point at you in the street and laugh at your horribly backward ways.

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Game mechanics I hate

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Starting a brand new year with a rant post? Well, they do say to start as you mean to go on 😀 I’ve been a gamer for, rather disconcertingly, just about 30 years now. The first game I really remember playing was a Midway coin-op called ‘Blue Shark’, which used to sit just off the cafeteria of a butterfly farm / mini-golf establishment near my home, where we used to go for days out sometimes.

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