Rock Band

Stone Roses in Rock Band!

Finally! I’d already had She Bangs the Drums in GH3, but it’s not one of the Roses’ best tracks and the GH3 implementation was, typically, not that much fun. There’s a small handful of tracks on Guitar Hero : World Tour that I would like to see in Rock Band, and one was Love Spreads by The Stone Roses. Luckily next week’s Rock Band DLC includes this track, so that’s one crossed off my list.

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Rock Band price drop

price rock band

I just read that EA has decided to drop the RRP of Rock Band in Europe ahead of the PS3 / PS2 / Wii release this Friday, to £109 instead of £129 for the instruments edition (game is still extra). This is good, but I’m not sure whether it will be reflected in the practical price you pay; were already selling the instruments bundle for less than this lower RRP (£99) right from release in May (on 360), and Amazon matched it fairly quickly.

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Foo Fighters & Chili Peppers full album DLC for RB2!

Music rock band

Oo, has just revealed (picked up via that there are more full albums on the way for Rock Band after the release of Rock Band 2: **Foo Fighters (The Colour and the Shape) Red Hot Chili Peppers (Blood Sugar Sex Magik) ** Jane’s Addiction (Nothing’s Shocking) Megadeth (Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying) Stevie Ray Vaughn (Texas Flood) No Doubt (‘Best Of’ Collection) I don’t know about anyone else, but the top 2 are instant purchases for me, since both are regulars on my iTunes playlists.

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Queen in SingStar is a promising sign

Music queen rock band singstar

At the Leipzig Games Convention Sony announced several updates to its venerable SingStar franchise, and whilst the inclusion of Barry Manilow is wince-inducing, the inclusion of several Queen tracks on their compilation issues, and the announcement of a dedicated Queen disc for SingStar can only be a good thing. Not because I particularly like SingStar - we had it on the PS2 and to be honest the novelty wore off pretty fast - somehow picking up the microphone and crooning on your own or in a duet just feels like you should be in a seedy bar, full of beer with your arm around your best mate, desperately hoping the next morning that nobody had a video recording mode on their mobile.

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Rock Band 2 - oh yes

guitar hero rock band

Oho, I haven’t been rocking out that long to the original yet, but Harmonix unleashed the worst kept secret in music gaming today by confirming Rock Band 2. What they’ve announced isn’t that surprising, but it’s good to have official confirmation that: The instruments from RB1 will work DLC from both titles will be interchangeable Now, really Harmonix would be off their rocker if they didn’t hit these 2 feature points, but it’s worth noting that in particular the cross-title DLC is actually a first, and Harmonix had to liaise with Microsoft and Sony to make sure it happened.

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Pimp my Drums

My Rock Band drum mods arrived today, they took a week to arrive which isn’t bad considering they had to meander their way from the Land of the Free (ish) via regular US letter post. [](**Drum Pads** []( decided to go for drum pads from RocPadz, which are basically just circular cut mouse mats with a rigid back. I went with these for a number of reasons, such as that the neoprene rubber is hard wearing and long lasting (unlike foam pads which quickly lose their effect).

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Rock Band DLC - my wallet stands ready

DLC rock band

I can easily see how Rock Band DLC went double-platinum on only 2 months and why Motley Crue said they had more sales as DLC than as regular records - it’s compulsive. It’s been scientifically proven to be impossible to have too many songs to play, especially when the quality of the note chart conversion, which is directly proportional to fun, is as consistent as we’ve found it to be. I’ve spent the equivalent of half of a full-price game just on DLC already, and I’ve only really stopped because I have all the ones that simply must have; I could easily find another half dozen I’d be happy to buy but the need is not as urgent.

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Exponential enjoyment curve

rock band

Ok, I know I said I was going to lay off the Rock Band commentary for a while now that I’ve done my review, but I just wanted to add an addendum - it’s absolutely true what they say that the more people you have in the room, the more fun this game becomes. I’d played it mostly with my wife for 3 evenings and we had a lot of fun, but last night we had a bunch of friends come round to our place and it really does get even better.

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Rock Band: a personal verdict

360 Games rock band xbox

I’ve been waiting six months for Rock Band to make it to these shores. Six long, hard months where the only new music game to play was the crushing disappointment that was Guitar Hero 3. Now I’ve finally gotten my hands on it at considerable expense, what do I think? We spent an entire evening playing it and went to bed way later than we should have, and I even squeezed a little solo time into my lunch hour today (which should give you a clue as to the verdict already), so I feel ready to give an impression.

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Ying and Yang

backache rock band themes

The good: Rock Band finally arrived! It’s sitting on my coffee table ready for us to launch ourselves into it this evening. Yummy. If you wanted something done urgently on Ogre, well, you’re probably out of luck for a few days 😉 The bad: I managed to put my back out again - not sure how, maybe when sorting out the gigantic box of instruments, fishing behind the TV to wire the USB hub up, or maybe I’ve just been spending too much time sat crookedly at the PC recently (I was at it most of the bank holiday weekend).

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