Rock Band

Sods law

rock band

The fundamental flaw with selling the Rock Band instruments separately from the game in Europe was made crushingly solid for me today, as the postman delivered one massive box containing all the instruments, but the little jiffy bag containing the game itself entirely failed to materialize. Sigh. At least I know which revision of the drum hardware I have now, for the purposes of any mods I might want to purchase.

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GHIV named, has Kravitz & dodgy trailer

guitar hero rock band

Following on from my previous post, it’s now clear the name is Guitar Hero World Tour - avoiding the word ‘Rock’ but keeping the slightly misleading Guitar lead, and patching on the name for a play mode in Rock Band. There’s a trailer up, the only thing about it that interests me is that it features Lenny Kravitz’s ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’, which has always been on all of my major wish-lists for Guitar Hero.

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Rock Clone

My wife and I were discussing last night what we thought Activision might call the increasingly inaccurately named ‘Guitar Hero IV’, given that it’s really not just about guitars anymore; ‘Rock Hero’ maybe? Rock Clone? Clone Band? Or perhaps they’ll just keep the GH4 name just in the interests of branding, and give it a lame subtitle to explain the inconsistency, probably slipping the word ‘Rock’ in there discretely somewhere. You probably saw the announcement recently of the drum kit, which has all the hallmarks of being required to ‘take it to the next level’ by replacing one drumpad with two dedicated cymbal pads.

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Flash-powered mini-Guitar Hero

This is a week old now but I only just spotted it - Activision have taken the unusual step of releasing an official Guitar Hero Flash game , which is embedded below. It doesn’t play particularly well (but then neither did Guitar Hero 3 - zing!) but I guess when you consider the limitations of the medium what’s there is an achievement, and even so it’s fun that they did it.

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