Zero Punctuation reviewed Torchlight yesterday! Of course he was both inaccurate (you don’t have to keep clicking at all, you can hold the button down) and overly harsh, but still very funny. It’s odd to enjoy watching something you had a hand in (albeit in a background technology way in my case) being ripped to shreds, but when it’s done in such an amusing way somehow it’s ok. I guess this is why Yahtzee hasn’t had his teeth kicked in by disgruntled game developers yet 😀

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Torchlight launches today!

Games ogre runic torchlight

Woohoo, Torchlight, the new ARPG by Runic Games and using OGRE for rendering, is launching today! Well, strictly speaking the single player game launches today, with an MMO version planned for 2010. Torchlight has been developed in Seattle by a veteran team composed of the designers and leads of projects like Diablo, Diablo II, Mythos, and Fate, so you knew this was going to be good.

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Torchlight at PAX

ogre PAX runic torchlight

Hell yes. It’s nice to come back from holiday to more eye-candy from leading OGRE-based projects, and this one is looking very nice indeed. Congrats to Travis and the rest of the team at Runic, on the PAX ‘09 coverage and also the recent Gamasutra article which I read on my phone at breakfast one day while on holiday (much to my wife’s annoyance 😕 ).

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