Evil Red Tags vs Xmas

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, I certainly did. I received a number of new games, which was good (will blog about them individually at a later juncture), but I also encountered something I haven’t done before - Evil Red DVD Tag Syndrome. For those who, like me, haven’t encountered these before, some shops in the last couple of years have been adding red theft-prevention strips to some DVD cases.

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Opera Unite - another step in the right direction?

I’ve harped on many times about how I think centrally controlled services like Facebook are the antithesis of what the Internet was supposed to be about - a distributed, decentralised place with authority controlled at the leaves by those with most interest in maintaining it, rather than some corporate hub holding all the cards. Well, it seems like a small bunch of companies are starting to latch on to this idea too, a welcome respite from the huge number of ventures that just want to be the new singular nexus of your internet life.

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Misery loves company

hack ogre security Web

So, now that I have basic service back at my newly reinstalled server, it’s time to start re-downloading clean packages for the software that makes up Imagine my surprise when I went to and saw this: Looks like I’m not the only one having a bad week 😕 Current priority is getting the forums back online, watch that space.

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