OGRE OS & Browser Stats

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I’ve had requests to post the OS & browser stats for the OGRE site, which I didn’t include in my previous demographics post, so here we go. A caveat to start off with - as a programmer-oriented site our users are obviously a little different in their choice of tech to the population at large! Operating Systems Not really a surprise there, Windows dominates the landscape, with Linux and OS X pulling up the rear.

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OGRE web demographics, revisited

Almost exactly three years ago, I posted an analysis of the traffic on and the rough country breakdown of our users, which is always fascinating to me. I hadn’t actually been collecting web stats on the site for about a year (the previous set-up was lost when I had to recreate the server in a hurry, and somehow reinstating it never seemed to rise to the top of my TODO list), but a month ago I finally got around to adding Google Analytics to the site.

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