RATM vs X Factor

[Edit 20th Dec] We did it! Rage Against The Machine is number 1 for Christmas, proper music fans in Britain give Simon Cowell and his manufactured karaoke bullsh*t the finger. Very, very happy!! Best Christmas number 1 that I can ever remember. I detest reality TV with a passion. I think it’s low-brow, cheap nonsense that bare-facedly celebrates the very worst elements of human nature; promoting the idea that being famous (for anything) is somehow a laudable goal in itself, and indulging the public’s cathartic desire for a feeling of superiority and power over others via venomous gossip and voting people off.

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The last roll of the dice

Another week, another plan to stimulate the economy from the UK government. I actually think what they’re doing this week is pretty sensible, which basically means an insurance / underwriting scheme dependent on mandated lending to individuals and small businesses. But I think today is actually less about this individual step, and more about the fact that most commentators are in agreement that if this doesn’t work, ie doesn’t restart the flow of credit to sound lenders, then it’s going to lead to pretty much a wholesale nationalisation of the banking sector in the UK.

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RB2 in the UK - hell yes

DLC rock band UK

Looks like I could be getting my wish and Rock band 2 will be out in the UK before the end of the year: Yep, that’s a UK official Microsoft ad saying it, so I think that’s pretty certain (for 360 at least). So it’s November - unsurprisingly the very time that GH:WT comes out - makes sense. Woohoo - looks like we can look forward to having 500 tracks to choose from this side of the pond too, instead of a just the measly 400 (!

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